Vedic Spiritual Heritage Foundation

Vedic Spiritual Heritage Foundation (VSHF) is a not for profit charitable organisation formed with an aim to provide knowledge-based guidance and harmonious living with nature as per the tenets and doctrines of Hindu faith.

The purpose of the foundation is to disseminate the Vedic way of living by propagating its philosophy, principles, learnings and practices found in religious tenets, doctrines and observances associated with the Hindu Faith.


The objective of VSHF is to promote the Vedic way of life to live with the nature not against the nature. Yogic life is a way to break free from limitations we humans have imposed on ourselves to regain the clarity that reflects our highest potential and to empower our soul consciousness through meditation. Vedic living is the path to master our mind and senses.

Vedic life is a medium to unite people of different races, religions, traditions, across different nationalities. It can help in creating a world as one family.


  1. Promoting Vedic Philosophy of Life
  2. Awareness regarding healthy lifestyle
  3. Universal Brotherhood
  4. Helping people in achieving spiritual consciousness through meditation and yoga

Promoting unity amongst people of different races, religions and ethnicities

Our Team

Satish Thakkar
Satish ThakkarPresident
Satish Thakkar is President of Vedic Spiritual Heritage Foundation (VSHF).
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Dr. Bhalla
Dr. BhallaCorporate Secretary
Dr. Bhalla is a certified orthodontist. He is a graduate from the University of New York of Buffalo where he attained his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1986.
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Mr. Sach Jain
Mr. Sach JainVice President
Mr. Jain is President and CEO – Soneil Group of Companies.
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